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Our logos are an important part of the Wales brand identity. They convey our brand values and help tie together our messages across different markets. There are different versions of the logo to use depending on the purpose of the communication and the audience you are addressing.  The logos must also be applied correctly and consistently. This section gives further advice and guidance on when and where to use the Wales brand logos and how to request copies of them. To request a logo, contact us at

the Wales brand logo

the Wales brand logo
the Wales brand logo
This is the primary logo mark. It should be used as the main logo on all materials where the purpose of the communication is to promote general awareness and understanding of Wales with all external audiences and markets.

The Wales logo is also used within Wales when building support and understanding of the Wales brand among the people and business of Wales and for events and materials targeting external audiences.

The English first version of the logo should be used outside of Wales and the Welsh first version within Wales. Monolingual and other language versions are also available but they are for use in special circumstances only.

Other logos

The primary Wales Brand logo will often need to be used alongside the Welsh Government logo, partner logos and various Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) logos if the project is in receipt of EU funding. For further guidance please read the document below on Which logo to use.
Welsh Government staff seeking guidance on use of the completely different Welsh Governement logo should consult Horizon.

how to apply and layout the logos

This document provides essential information on how to correctly reproduce and apply the Wales brand and Wales service delivery sub brand logos for different media, layouts and backgrounds.
Document Download: how to apply and layout the logos
Size: [2.43 MB] File Type: [.pdf]

request a logo

To request the Wales Brand, Welsh Government or EU funding logos, contact us at
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