A cross sector brand platform

Strong foundation, flexible approach

The Cymru Wales Brand has provided a strong foundation for work across a range of sectors. It provides a unified approach, while allowing sufficient scope for each sector to present the distinct messages needed to engage with their respective audiences. The examples in this section show how this Cymru Wales Brand platform has been used to date.


Wales delivers high quality, authentic experiences that reflect our unique places, landscapes, history, culture, spirit and languages. Coupled with a series of distinctive themed years that draw on our core strengths of the great outdoors, heritage and our coastline, the Cymru Wales Brand contributes to portraying the qualities that make us unmistakably Wales.

Examples of Brand work:
  • Year of Legend campaign film
  • Year of Adventure films
  • Campaign ads
  • Wales magazine


Wales provides a unique location for your business with a wide choice of exceptional locations, a competitive cost base and access to key UK and European marketing. We can call on a highly skilled and loyal workforce, with bespoke support structures and access to key decision makers when needed. We’re also a great place to be in business, helping all who work here achieve a better work/life balance.

Examples of Brand work:
  • Business magazine
  • Digital ads
  • Website crop
  • Exhibition stand image


When you choose Wales for your medical career you choose superb facilities, an innovative health service, a supportive environment and well organised training schemes. You choose a diverse country that will give you a great lifestyle as you take the next step in your medical career.

Examples of Brand work:
  • Campaign ads
  • Digital ads

Food & Drink

With an extensive coastline and rich, fertile landscape, it’s no great surprise that food and drink is often at the heart of stories from Wales. From established farms to new artisan producers, from distinctive restaurants and innovative pop-ups to award-winning spirits and the cleanest, freshest mineral waters, Wales brings its own unique flavour to tables across the world.

The story told by the Cymru Wales Brand also extends to those who choose to come to Wales to study or to live. It has much to offer everybody.

Wales is the perfect platform for study – internationally acclaimed research, recognised qualifications, and innovative learning and teaching. Combined with a welcoming, nurturing environment, a high quality of life and a lower cost of living, you can focus your attention on developing your skills and knowledge to their full potential.

For those who come to live here, they find that life in Wales is full, yet balanced. Our people are welcoming, forging strong communities across the country. Our landscapes and coasts provide the backdrop for all manner of activity and enterprise, while our businesses generate opportunity and reward in many forms. Coupled with a rich cultural heritage, Wales really will make a positive difference to your life.