Brand Objectives


The Wales brand is built around five key objectives.

Elevate our status

Surprise and Inspire

Change perceptions

Do good things

Be unmistakably Wales

Think of it as a checklist, so whenever we talk about ourselves or think about a new project, initiative or campaign, we’re all working from the same starting point.

Does it elevate Wales’ status?

We want to raise the profile of our country to match the reality: a dynamic, creative, contemporary society that’s got so much to offer. Let’s champion the things we do well, on a UK and international stage. Let’s ensure that everything we do, publish and produce measures up to the very best international standards. Now is the time to be at our very best.

Does it surprise and inspire?

Our landscape and coastline, people and culture, and the way we do business can all surprise and inspire those that engage with us. Never miss the opportunity to go the extra mile or uncover the unexpected. That way we can build a new understanding of Wales.

Does it change perceptions?

There’s a lot of good news to share: people, places, products, policies and enterprises all form a part of this. We must tell this story in an engaging, contemporary way. And then keep telling it, so that any out-dated perceptions are replaced by the new reality of a modern, successful, creative Wales.

Is it a ‘good thing’?

Doing good is a powerful tool. It must underpin all we do – so that every one of our actions contributes to a greater good for the whole of Wales. This way, we can all make a positive contribution to the world we live in. Let’s not underestimate our ability to do good. 

Is it unmistakably Wales?

Let’s champion our distinctiveness, whether in our people, products, enterprises, culture or language. Avoid the tired stereotypes, but embrace the powerful details that make us stand out and give us our unique character. There really is nobody quite like us. Let’s celebrate it.