by Wales On View

Many people have a fuzzy image of Wales. Bold, memorable imagery therefore helps present a clearer picture of what Wales is really like. Our photography should reflect our brand values and the things that make Wales what it is. We should show our country in an honest, real and original way.

Cymru Wales Brand photographic imagery should be crafted, informal, rich and idea-led; inspirational and aspirational but relevant and accessible at the same time. Original, graphic compositions should be explored instead of staged or posed stock library type imagery. To this end a graphic or documentary feel is imperative – objects shot head-on (as opposed to at an angle) and canted shots should be avoided at all costs. Depth of field should be explored and unusual in-camera crops of subject matter will add dynamism. Natural light should be sought whenever possible to ensure authenticity.

One of the signature styles introduced to the Wales graphic armoury is a 90° top down photography angle. This graphic style ties back to two of our core objectives: to surprise and inspire, and to shift perceptions – in this case quite literally.

An extensive collection of high quality photographic imagery is available for approved use via Wales on View, our non-commercial photographic resource. This is available to international tourism partners and agencies to help promote the best Wales has to offer. Images may be downloaded and used, free of charge, for approved tourism or inward-investment related purposes*.

*Terms and conditions apply.