This is Wales.

An overview of the Cymru Wales Brand

Alive with opportunity, innovation and adventure.

Inspired by nature.

Driven by creativity.

Wales is a perfect balance between local and global. Our brand is built on both: an approach rooted in our communities, shaped by our landscape and with real social purpose (our ‘Bro’); whilst being purposely outward looking, open to new ideas and opportunities – and ready to contribute and compete on a global platform (the ‘Byd’).

This coming together of two worlds - our Bro and Byd - is the prism through which we present our nation to the world, where even the smallest story can have universal impact. Where we reach out, and say with confidence, ‘This is Wales’

It is a statement

Proud of who we are; direct, confident, unpretentious.

It is an invitation

To discover us afresh, to open your eyes to what Wales is today.

It sets out a challenge

To reconsider what you thought you knew about Wales.