Cymru Wales Brand

The dragon that adorns the Welsh flag – Y Ddraig Goch – is the epitome of the Welsh nation on both the national and international stage: strong, distinctive, confident, creative and proud. This new contemporary rendering of the familiar icon re-asserts the link between the brand and our national flag, and in turn creates a brand marque that will ensure that everything it graces is unmistakably Wales.

The Cymru Wales Draig logo can be used independently without supporting type. In this way it becomes a pictorial short-hand for Cymru/Wales. This solo version will more often be used within Wales or on a layout where the link with Wales has already been mentioned or established elsewhere.

The Cymru Wales Draig logo may be used on approved projects, either to signify an existing approved partnership with the Welsh Government, or as a linking mechanism to any of the Cymru Wales brand sites (visitwales.com, tradeandinvest.wales or wales.com).